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In September, 213 public safety industry standards abolished many standards in the security industry

Time:2017-09-22 Views:112
Recently, we learned from the website of the ministry of public security. According to the related provisions of the measures for the administration of the industry standard, according to the standardization to deepen reform of the state council, the state council general office of the mandatory standard streamlined work plan and the national standard committee of voluntary standards focus review work plan on request, the compulsory standards for public security industry streamlined, voluntary standards for public safety industry focused review, the ministry of public security decided to repeal the military products repository risk grade and the regulation of safety protection level "(GA26-1992), and other 213 public security industry standards (compulsory standards and voluntary standards 104 109). The notice was issued on August 30, with 213 standards suspended. 
Among them 104 mandatory industry standards, involving the security industry with the repository GA26-1992 military product risk level and the regulation of safety protection level "GA28-1992 currency printing enterprise risk grade and the regulation of safety protection level" GA366-2001 vehicle anti-theft alarm equipment installation specification "" GA518-2004 bank business premises transparent protective barrier installation specification" the GA330-2001351 MHZ alarm transmission technology specification "GA962-2011 public security special technical specification for wireless audio transmission system equipment, and in 2008 promulgated the fingerprint information applications related standards. 
Among them 109 voluntary industry standards, involving the security industry has "GA/T368-2001 intrusion alarm system technology requirements, the GA/T646-2006 video security monitoring system matrix switching equipment general technical requirements, the GA/T647-2006 video front-end equipment control protocol security monitoring system V1.0", the GA/T669.4-2008 city monitoring alarm network system technical standards Part 4: audio encoding and decoding technical requirements, the GA/T669.5-2008 city monitoring alarm network system technical standards Part 5: information transmission and exchange, control technology requirements and related standards. 
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